'Within the Halocline' Original Painting

'Within the Halocline' Original Painting

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'Within the Halocline' 16"x20" - oil/acrylic silver on wood.

Comes ready framed.

Within the Halocline was a piece painted back in 2017. It is one of my personal favourite pieces in my collection of works.

Where fresh water and salt water meet is often referred to a "Halocline," I fantasized about sirens that lived in this very specific environment.

Within the painting you see the color blue radiating off of her, the blue representing the salt water and the green that it blends into represents the fresh water. Her face is covered in mandala shaped gills which were painted in acrylic silver, with small pearlike strings adorning her head. 

Iwanted this mermaid to have that beauty we always read about in folklores but with a tinge more of an exaggerated look making her stand out in her own unique way.

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